What’s up with the Willsons again?

Posted on March 4, 2013 by Greg Willson

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By now you’ve probably heard that Christina and I are moving to Columbia this summer. And we’ve had the chance to meet with some of you, and though we’re hoping to meet with much more of you in the next couple months, I wanted to give a brief update on where we are. By the way, I created a separate website to bring more frequent updates of this kind: gregwillson.com/plant.

Our website

First off, here’s what Christina and I are jumping into: we’re moving to Columbia, SC for me to go through a church planting residency. This is a one year program (built with some flexibility) intended to send me and Christina off for me to lead a new church plant. We don’t know where that future church will be yet (pray for us!), but we’re pretty sure it will be a larger urban area. The residency has assessments built into it, and though it primarily works through Riverside Community Church, there are other churches in the area that will be involved with it for a multifaceted approach.

The residency is only partially funded, and so far others have given just over 45% of what I would need for my salary. This is unbelievably awesome. It as been a joy to call on friends to partner up with us and plant a church together. Not everyone can move their family to get the discipleship needed to plant a church, not everyone can move somewhere where the church doesn’t have much of a voice, but many people can give to that end, effectively becoming part of the plant itself.

Not knowing much else other than this first step is, honestly, a little unnerving. Where will we be after the residency? Where are we calling others to come with us? We don’t know. But what we do know right now is that obedience looks like taking that first step. And we know God has it all in His hands.

So what do we need from our church family? We need prayer! Prayer that God will provide the funds necessary, for direction (especially the location of the plant), that we may transition well from Columbia to Orlando, that Christina will be able to find a job in the school system there. The best way to pray for us is to keep up to date, so consider joining our mailing list. Lord willing, either myself or both of us will be able to meet with many of you, talking more about specifics and how you might be able to join in with us. If you want to read more, you can always check out gregwillson.com/plant.

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  1. Curtis Heffelfinger
    Mar 04, 2013

    Continuing to pursue my joy by praying for your needs, brother!

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