Loving Couple-dom?

by Kelly Simpson on September 8, 2014
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I’ve determined that my grass is thoroughly green. Others help remind me of the joys in my life and some things I take for granted. Sometimes we get so focused on what we don’t have we miss what we do. We need reminders. My friends take the opportunity to remind me of the benefits of [...]

Loving Singleness?

by Kelly Simpson on September 7, 2014
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At times, I am lonely. I see sweet, everyday interactions between spouses and I long to experience such tenderness myself. Sometimes, I get stuck in the mire of comparison and my longing feels overwhelming. But most of the time I think my life is pretty awesome. I have a few dear friends who help remind me [...]

Up Next from the Pulpit

by Pastor Curt on September 6, 2014
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With the Gospel of John in the rear view mirror, the question comes “What’s next at Orlando Grace?” In the short term, as I mentioned in last Sunday’s message (listen here), I will tackle a topical series called “The Peacemaking Church: Striving for Excellence in Preserving Unity in the Body of Christ.” We’ll look at passages [...]

GraceKids is Here!

by Matt West on September 5, 2014
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This Sunday, September 7, we start something that has been a long time in the making—GraceKids. We are very excited that our kids will be learning about the Bible from over 20 adult volunteers! At a point in the service just before the sermon, the children will be dismissed. They will stay with the teachers [...]

Help for Anxiety

by Pastor Curt on September 4, 2014
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After our worship service a few weeks ago, someone hit me with a pleading question. “PC, in one sentence, what has helped you most in dealing with anxiety?” Have to admit it. I immediately dropped back ten and punted. “Can I ponder that for a bit and get back to you?” Then, I thought, wait [...]

Another Conclusion That Wasn’t

by Pastor Curt on August 17, 2014
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No, I’m not planning to make a habit of this. The member family meeting we called for after the service today caused me to trim some things. As promised, here is the way I planned to land the plane had the runway been longer: Let me close this message with these eight principles in mind [...]

The Conclusion That Wasn’t

by Pastor Curt on August 10, 2014
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This morning I reversed field rather abruptly at the close to my message about discipleship, defined by me this way: mutual investing by Word and Spirit for growth in Christ-likeness to the glory of God. You can listen to the audio of “A Restoration like Many Others (Part Three)” here. Battling the clock, as always, I [...]

You Alone Can Help Us

by Pastor Curt on August 8, 2014
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In thinking about this month’s Concert of Prayer on Sunday night at 6:00 PM, I got quasi-inspired and wrote the following: You Alone Can Help Us To the tune of “You Alone Can Rescue” Who, O Lord, will pray with me Storm the throne of grace Bring to You our many needs In simple hope [...]

Children’s Ministry Under Construction!

by Matt West on August 8, 2014
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Pardon our dust, as we are starting and moving so many things that we know people will get lost in it all. The first thing to know is that we do NOT have classes called infants, walkers, and runners. So, if that nomenclature is important to your survival on where to send your kids, we [...]

A Pound of Life

by Kelly Simpson on August 5, 2014
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Most of the people I work with have negative ages. They are premature, born months before they were “supposed” to be. Thrust from the safe, warm, dark, cozy wombs, they are ill-prepared for the world. Developmentally, I must think of them and work on skills that are fitting for a baby at 6-9 months gestational [...]