On Asking Why

by Pastor Curt on November 22, 2015
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For some reason I don’t usually. Ask the Lord why He lets me suffer like I am right now with my jaw, that is. Well, there was that time in 2005. I had finished cancer treatment with all its nausea and vomiting. My expectation that those symptoms would cease soon after the last chemo blast [...]

Jaw Journey Update

by Pastor Curt on November 16, 2015
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I gave this report in our church’s e-news this past week: Thanks a ton for all your prayers as I continue to travel the healing road with the wound/infection in my jaw. I am now essentially under the care of infectious disease doctors for my osteomyelitis. They have put in play every strategy known to [...]

The Expulsive Power of a New Affection

by Pastor Curt on November 15, 2015
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As promised, here is a link to the Thomas Chalmers’ article I referenced in this morning’s message from Genesis 14. It’s a challenging read, but definitely worth the effort and more than one pass. Fight the good fight!

Children’s Ministry and Looking Ahead

by Cheree on November 5, 2015
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Thank you all for your warm welcome, encouragement, and prayer as I step into this part-time leadership position here at OGC. I’m only two weeks in and Josh, Evan, and I have already been loved and provided for beyond our expectations. We are grateful to God for all of you! There are some important things [...]

Jaw Wars

by Pastor Curt on October 21, 2015
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The Star Wars saga has nothing on me. I’ve got more episodes in my journey than the popular movie series will ever produce. This just in. My oral surgeon today said he’s done all he can do surgically. The problem with my escalating pain must be medical. What to do? Two things. One, hyperbaric oxygen [...]

Free Parking Outreach!

by Kelly Simpson on October 10, 2015
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“Really? Free? What’s the catch?” Many of you may have a conversation like this next weekend. Thank you to everyone who was able to volunteer to help with parking next weekend for the Community Fest. During the Fest-ivities (see what I did there?) please remember that you are doing more than handing out water bottles [...]

Jaw Joy

by Pastor Curt on September 23, 2015
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I won’t make this a long post. But post I must. Jaw pain on my right side has plagued me since a root canal tooth failed in May. This morning I underwent oral surgery to remove dead bone on the right side of my jaw. The procedure exceeded my expectations. My surgeon cleaned out a [...]

A Birthday Prayer

by Pastor Curt on September 19, 2015
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Among the gifts I enjoy as a now 63 year old man is friendship with an extraordinary pastor from Jacksonville. He specializes in praying for folks using the content of the Psalms. For my birthday last week he sent me this adaptation from Psalm 16. Preserve Curt for another year, O God. On this birthday remind [...]

A Cancer Reality Check

by Pastor Curt on August 15, 2015
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Yesterday Nancy and I spent the morning at the hospital. She was scheduled to have her chemo ports removed. Early on in what normally is a fairly routine, simple procedure, the doctor discovered that the catheter of the port placed in her abdomen had gotten dislodged somehow. That meant he had to scramble to put [...]

Take That, Ovarian Cancer

by Pastor Curt on August 1, 2015
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It gives me great pleasure to rep0rt that Nancy’s latest blood test (she gets them quarterly now), came back with a CA-125 reading of 19. Above 35 is considered out of range. She remains well within acceptable results to give us confidence that healing from this stupid disease continues. She sees the doctor this week [...]





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