Meet John

by Pastor Curt on January 25, 2015
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Here is the video I had hoped to show at the end of this morning’s message:

Children’s Ministry Equipping Hour

by Matt West on January 23, 2015
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A few weeks ago, we wrote about GraceKids during the church service. While that is a wonderful ministry, some parents are lamenting that their kids aren’t yet old enough to appreciate it. Fear not, thanks to the work of Mandi Armand, we have a plan for your kids also! While we recognize that it is [...]

Overcoming Resentment and the Urge to Get Even

by Pastor Curt on January 21, 2015
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Everyone deals with this. No one avoids hurt which results from bad treatment. The human condition inevitably struggles with lingering resentment over wrongs done. Who hasn’t relished the prospect of payback which matches the harm inflicted by someone’s evil? Joseph certainly must have. He had every reason to after his brothers sold him into Egyptian [...]

Gracious Uncertainty

by Pastor Curt on January 19, 2015
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As I pass the one year anniversary of loss, I return today to the duties that lie nearest. Study, sermon writing, board meeting prep, pastoral care, etc. Before me lies the uncertainty of Nancy, my bride’s, health and what the rest of 2015 will bring on that front, not to say numerous others. This good [...]

Spurgeon’s Sorrows, Mine, and Yours

by Pastor Curt on January 18, 2015
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Grief casts a long shadow. At least 365 day’s worth. One year ago today we lost our firstborn son, Josh, or, as he liked others to call him, “Thee Heff.” Life-threatening cancer proved my effective tutor in 2005. Gut-wrenching loss brought its mastery instruction in 2014. I’m learning,reluctant or not, much in the school of [...]

Something I’ll Never Say Again

by Pastor Curt on January 12, 2015
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Never say never. We all know the proverb. I, for one, hereby defy conventional wisdom. I will never say something again as long as I live. “I can’t imagine anything harder.” Why? Because every time I do something new comes down the pike that redefines hardness for me. I said it when I broke free [...]

The ABCs of REC

by Pastor Curt on January 7, 2015
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So no doubt you get the idea behind the ABCs. The basics. The starting place. The fundamentals. To quote Coach Lombardi of Green Bay Packer’s fame on opening day of summer camp: “Gentleman, this is a football.” What in the world is REC? Resolving Everyday Conflict. Last Sunday we began a journey at OGC of working through [...]


by Pastor Curt on January 3, 2015
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That’s my word for 2015, at least in terms of my pastoral role. I hope to pray about ownership. I hope to model ownership (the cancer battle notwithstanding). I hope to preach on ownership. I hope to exhort about ownership. I hope to counsel about ownership. I hope to rebuke (in love, of course) when [...]

Bonhoeffer’s Morning Prayer

by Pastor Curt on January 1, 2015
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New Year’s Day, 2015. Time to reflect back in hopes of moving forward. 2014 started miserably with death in January. Grief took up an unwelcome residence in our household. Lesson learned? The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord (Job 1:21). The year peaked sweetly with blessing in July. Twin grand kids. [...]


by Matt West on December 31, 2014
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If worship is the act of trying to honor God by understand who He is and what He has accomplished, then in order for our worship to be purposeful, it must be understood. It must be applicable. It must point to God. Because our God is so great, we can convey His greatness to even [...]