Community Groups

Community Groups at Orlando Grace Church

The New Testament calls believers to a vital connection by means of various “one another” commands, e.g., love one another, exhort one another, etc. Community Groups are the primary way we pursue that kind of genuine community that gives a context for progress in the Christian life. Groups include about 5-10 family units and meet regularly in various homes for worship, study, prayer, food, fellowship, service and outreach. Community Group content centers on recent sermons, books of the Bible, and topical studies.

We have groups that meet in all over the city (Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Oviedo, Sanford, and Winter Springs). For more information email
Equipping hour
During the 9:30 hour on Sunday mornings we have a wide variety of classes available. Our children participate in developmentally appropriate Sunday School classes teaching them the Scriptures applied to everyday life. For a more thorough breakdown of our nursery and children's ministries download our philosophy, policies and procedures.

At the same, time adults take part in a series of classes designed to equip them in aspects of sound doctrine, biblical theology, and knowledge of the Scripture, as well as practical areas of ministry and personal experience such as marriage and family, missions, worship, engaging with the lost, and a wide variety of other pertinent topics. For an overview of this ministry, check out the three year scope and sequence document.

Our current adult class offerings:

Discover OGC — Curt Heffelfinger (Room W1)

Interested in learning more about Orlando Grace Church? Please join our newcomer/membership class to learn more about the history of our church and its mission, vision, and values.

Our Confession of Faith — Matt West (Room: W5)

Do we really need a confession of faith? Why not simply state, “We believe the Bible”? Where did this confession come from? When the confession is read during the worship service, do you sometimes find yourself simply reading along without tuning in to what you are saying? If any of these questions resonate with you, or if you simply want to enhance your admiration of this great document, then please plan to attend this class. In this class will study the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith with the goal of gaining a renewed appreciation for the confession and a stronger affection for God and His truth proclaimed therein. Class resources are available here.

Spiritual Disciplines – David Mudge (Room: F4)

In 1 Timothy 4:7–8 we’re told, “Train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” The goal of the Spiritual Disciplines course is to encourage and equip Christians to fight for sanctification through the means of personal and corporate disciplines that promote spiritual growth. Eleven spiritual disciplines will be discussed, including prayer, worship, evangelism, service, stewardship, journaling, and more. Anchored Youth – Kiefer Winborn (OGC Conference Room) Over this next semester the AY Equipping hour will be discussing what it looks like to be a Christian in your community. We will be diving into a study called Gospel Centered Community and learn how to show Christ in the way we live, work and play in the world. All middle and high school students are welcome!

Homosexuality: Engaging a Complex Issue with Grace and Truth – Cary Smith, Scott Devor, and Michael Graham (Room: F5)

Few recent issues have provoked as much confusion and debate in the Church as sexual orientation, gender identity and related topics. To respond in ways that honor Christ and to reflect his love, believers need discernment and sensitivity. This class seeks to provide scriptural wisdom, pastoral warmth, and cultural insight to anyone interested in the topic. We want to create a safe and hopeful environment for all who attend, including those who’ve experienced same-sex attraction or gender confusion in their own hearts and those who feel uncomfortable when the topic comes up. The class will explore biblical passages, paint pictures of Christ-like love through hypothetical scenarios, consider legal and political matters, and provide plenty of room for discussion and questions. The class will be led by Cary Smith, a counselor at nearby Orangewood Church, as well as Scott Devor and Pastor Mike Graham. We invited Cary to help teach and facilitate this class because of his combination of biblical/theological and counseling training and his experience addressing these issues in pastoral and counseling ministry.
Anchored Youth

Our mission is to assist parents in their responsibility of leading their children in the pursuit of making Christ the sole satisfaction and passionate center of their child’s lives.


Our vision is that the world would be changed by the men and women who are involved in the youth ministry of Orlando Grace Church, who have tasted the superior riches that are available in Christ alone. We are trusting God to see colleges across the U.S. being transformed by the gospel because we helped point them to the superior pleasures of Christ. We hope to see families begun who have fathers and mothers dedicated to raising up the next generation of children who will prize Christ. We hope to see men and women who are actively serving in the body of Christ. We hope to see men and women who have given up seeking all other inferior pleasure and are living lives that demonstrate that they have found their ultimate delight and pleasure in Christ. In summary, we are trusting God to do what he promises to do in a church that is dedicated to the Glory of God above all.


We value the divinely appointed responsibility of parents. We value intentional partnerships with families. We value Christ-centered curriculum. We value Christ-centered discipleship. We value the cultivation of purity in all dimensions of our studies. We value individual vocational development. We value inter-generational involvement in church life. We value local community involvement and transformation. We value evangelism and world mission’s mindedness.
Men's and Women's Ministry
We have both men's and women's ministries at Orlando Grace. The overarching reason we have these ministries is to promote deeper community by facilitating discipleship relationships. Both of these ministries have periodic gatherings, annual retreats, and other discipleship promoting activity.
Global Missions
Our God is a global God who loves all tongues, tribes, peoples, and nations. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the missionaries that we support. Note that there are numerous people in sensitive or closed locations that are not listed here:

John Casto: Full Pardon Ministries

Recognizing God’s power to change hearts and lives, Full Pardon Ministries’ purpose is to facilitate this change through spreading the Gospel and discipling brothers in Christ. John is a chaplain, pastoral care provider, and discipleship trainer at Craggy Correctional Center in North Carolina.

Eric & Colleen Fleshood: CRU Global

Eric serves as Director of Crusade’s Mid-Atlantic region, supporting campus ministries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia. Colleen is a homeschooling mom.

Warren Griffith: Mission to Japan

Warren and his wife, Yukari, seek to bring the good news of the gospel to Japan through mission trips to Japan and through “homestay” programs in American homes.

Dave & Karen Horsey: CRU Global

Traveling frequently out of the Crusade headquarters in Orlando, Dave trains ministry and church leaders throughout Asia, and Karen works at Crusade headquarters.

Joseph Mwalonya: Pan Africa Christian University

Mwalonya was the principal translator of the Digo New Testament, which OGC supported through The Seed Company and which was published in 2007. Now he is pursuing further education so he can return to the Digo in Kenya as a trained pastor.

Jason & Tahran Olson:  Pioneers

Jason and Tahran work with a number of Pioneers’ teams throughout Central Europe (Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, to name a few) in order to plant churches among the unreached peoples of this region. Most of Europe now has less than 2% of the population professing evangelical Christian faith. The Olson’s are eager to be a part of seeing many find hope and life in Jesus!

Justin & Abbey Valiquette: Acts 29 Europe Church Plant, Nuova Vita

The Valiquettes serve in Salerno, Italy in an Acts 29 Europe church plant in the historic city center.

Greg and Christina Willson: Acts 29 Europe Church Plant: Manchester

The Willsons live in Manchester, England and are planting a church in the neighborhood of Chorlton.
Mercy Ministry
We believe that seeking the welfare of the city is an outworking and fruit of the Gospel. Therefore, we actively pray for and seek to winsomely engage our city. Our seeking the welfare of the city manifests in a wide variety of means from partnerships with local public schools, to caring for crisis pregnancies and providing abortion alternatives, and being a hospitable neighbor through adopting the road where we are located and other strategic opportunities.