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Community GroupsThe New Testament calls believers to a vital connection by means of various “one another” commands, e.g., love one another, exhort one another, etc. Growth Groups are the primary way we pursue that kind of genuine community that gives a context for progress in the Christian life. Groups include about 6-10 family units and meet regularly in various homes for worship, study, prayer, food, fellowship, service and outreach. Growth Group content centers on recent sermons, books of the Bible, and topical studies.

Children’s Ministry

We have many exciting things going on with our children, many are explained in a series of five blogs, which you can read here. If you prefer to see things in chart form, here is a chart that attempts to synthesize the information for all the programs we have for our children. We have teaching for our children during the Equipping Hour, the Sunday Morning Service, and Sunday evening “Family Nights.”  Children participate in age-graded Sunday School classes teaching them the Scriptures and their right application in everyday life. They have Extra Curricular Activity options, and an assortment of exciting teachers and curricula.  

Adult Equipping Hour

During the 9:30 hour on Sunday mornings, adults take part in a series of classes designed to equip them in aspects of sound doctrine, biblical theology, and knowledge of the Scripture, as well as practical areas of ministry and personal experience such as marriage and family, missions, worship, witnessing, and a wide variety of other pertinent topics. For an overview of this ministry, check out the three year scope and sequence document.

Adult Equipping Hour Classes 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings

Discover OGC — Pastor Curt Heffelfinger (Room W1)
Interested in learning more about Orlando Grace Church? Please join our newcomer/membership class to learn more about the history of our church and its mission, vision, and values.

Discipleship in the Local Church — Pastor Mike Graham (Room F4)
What is church life supposed to look like? What does the Bible say about the purpose and role of the church in the world? Why are so many churches struggling? What does it look like to intentionally disciple others into Christ? How should discipleship look in the local church? In this course we will consider the doctrine of the church and role of the local church in the present world. We will look at the process of discipleship and unpack the implications of intentionally developing through growing lovers of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Theology — Scott Devor (Room F5)
This class will seek to look at the grand story-line of Scripture, examining how the individual parts fit together and develop over the pages of Scripture. Attention will also be given to the major themes in the Bible, including creation, temple, sacrifice, covenant, sonship, Israel and the church, rest, kingdom, exile, idolatry, promise, messiah, wisdom, law, and other biblical themes.

Reformed Theology — Matt West and Dennis Mudge (Room W5)
If you’ve ever wondered, what does it mean to be Reformed, this is the class for you. This is not a graduate level course on any one area of doctrine, but rather it is a primer on the Reformed faith and what our church believes. This is a basic course, which we have every year and a half, in the hopes that all of our people would have a basic understanding of what it is to be part of a Reformed church. Our faith comes from an ardent commitment to the doctrine of God–biblical Christianity in its truest and most consistent form. As a Reformed church there are a number of truths which we will discuss in this class. Those truths include, but are not limited to, the centrality of the Bible, the sovereignty of God, the wonder of grace, the quality of the Christian life, the place of the law and the gospel, the biblical view of the world, and the importance of true preaching. This course will go through distinctives, providing an understanding of what it means to be Reformed.

Anchored Youth — Gospel Identity: Discovering Who You Really Are – Colby Wilkins (Conference Room)
What really defines who you are? If your accomplishments, your looks, your jokes, your gadgets, and your smarts were all taken away, what would you have left? In this study on the ever-important topic of identity, we will be challenged and encouraged by how the gospel of Jesus Christ impacts the core of who we are and transforms us from the inside out. All middle and high school students are welcome!

Global Missions

Pastor John Piper wrote, “There are only three kinds of Christians when it comes to world missions: zealous goers, zealous senders, and the disobedient.” From its outset Orlando Grace has sought to discover God’s heart for the unreached as well as to challenge our members to participate enthusiastically in the cause of global missions. We are privileged to be the sending church for a high ratio of “home-grown” cross-cultural missionaries. The OGC mission committee meets regularly to pray, encourage missionaries, and plan congregation-wide events. Its primary focus areas are Salerno, Italy and the Digo people of Kenya. Additional fields include Japan and Singapore. View the list of missionaries we support.

Mercy Ministry

Orlando Grace participates in a variety of ministries meeting needs in the community. Our members coordinate and lead a weekly Bible study at the Life Care Center nursing home and complete home improvement projects for Seniors First. We collect canned goods on “Souper Sunday” for a local food pantry and backpacks and school supplies for disadvantaged children in the fall. OGC also supports True Life Choice, a crisis pregnancy center, in their Walk for Life and Fall Banquet fundraisers and as crisis pregnancy counselors. We are a participating church in We seek to be on the lookout for needs in the community in which we may be salt and light and thus make inroads for the gospel (Matt. 5:13-16).

Women’s Ministry

Mission Statement: Treasuring Christ Together in Life, Ministry, and Missions.
The Women’s Ministry at Orlando Grace Church endeavors to create opportunities for women to connect with another and build relationships for the glory of God. Through these connections, women will grow together through “life on life” discipleship that will lead to spiritual development, community outreach, and healing hurts. For more information or to answer any questions, e-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required

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